Frequently Asked Questions

  • HD Mirror Camera
  • Car charger/vehicle power cable
  • Reset pin
  • Five 3m wire clips
  • Quick start guide
  • Instruction manual
  • Micro SD card reader
  • 2 sets of (2) soft rubber band straps

The HD Mirror Cam is designed to fit most standard-size, factory-issued rear view mirrors (vehicles equipped with built-in smart mirrors like OnStar might not be able to use it properly). If you have an extra thick mirror, reach out to us first if you are unsure.

Attach the HD Mirror Cam to your existing rear-view mirror using the adjustable rubber strap bands. Connect the device to the included car charger. Use the included clips to secure the charger cord around the windshield. Once the above steps are done, turn on the ignition of the car, and the HD Mirror Cam will automatically start recording (make sure the micro SD card is inserted).

Once the HD Mirror Camera is plugged into the power outlet through the charger, turning on the car will automatically start the video recording (please note: you must have a micro SD card to save the recordings).

Yes, the HD Mirror Cam includes a built-in rechargeable battery and comes with a car charger.

A micro SD card does not come with the HD Mirror Cam and needs to be purchased additionally. You can use any class 10 — 8 GB, 16 GB or 32 GB SD card. It’s recommended that you use a class 10 micro SD card with class speed 6 or higher. A 32 GB micro SD card will give you around 14 hours of recording time.

Verify whether the memory card is inserted correctly in the adaptor. Also, verify that you are using the correct type of SD card and that it’s either an 8GB, 16GB or 32GB SD card.

You must insert a micro SD memory card into the unit to be able to start recording. When there is no micro SD memory card inserted, or if the memory card is not being recognized, the unit will not record. Insert the memory card, or if you have one inserted, please remove it and make sure that you have inserted it correctly.

To view or listen to video, photo and audio on a computer, follow these steps:

  • Remove the micro SD card from the HD Mirror Cam by pressing lightly on the SD card. The SD card will eject partially, allowing you to remove it.
  • Insert the micro SD card into the SD card reader.
  • Insert the SD card reader into the USB port of your computer.
  • Once connected to the computer, a removable drive will pop up on your computer/laptop screen. Select that drive to view and listen to your recordings.

If the SD card memory fills up and is set to loop recording, the camera automatically deletes the oldest video files in order to make room for new recordings. File locking is a feature that helps you to protect your video from being deleted automatically once the SD card is full. To use the “file locking” feature, choose which file to lock or unlock using the “lock one/lock all/unlock one/unlock all” option.

Verify that the HD Mirror Cam™ is in night mode. To check to see if it is in night mode, press the power button to toggle/change between day/night mode (just a click, do not hold it). We advise you to keep your HD Mirror Cam™ in night mode and keep the motion detector on.

Videos are recorded in a loop. After every loop, the screen goes blank for 30 seconds, and then it comes back. You can set the video time to 10 minutes if you want a longer loop.

You may have to reformat the SD card and reset the HD Mirror Cam. Before reformatting, back up old videos and pictures on your computer/laptop. To reformat the SD card, simply remove the memory card, and put it back in. Then restart the HD Mirror Cam™.

Resolve screen blurriness on your HD Mirror Cam™ by cleaning the lens with a cotton cloth to remove any debris or fingerprints causing obstructions.

You can navigate through the settings menu with the up and down arrows. Use the “ok” button to make a selection.

Turn the HD Mirror Cam™ on. Once the screen is on, press the menu button twice. Use the up and down buttons to navigate to the menu. Once you have “language” highlighted, you will see all of the languages that are available to select (you can navigate the options with the up and down buttons). Use the “ok” button to select the language option of your choice, and the HD Mirror Cam™ will change to display the language you selected.

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